K-12 Education Services

Is your school facing cutbacks?  Budget deficits? Why not  hire an experienced consultant with a teaching certificate and Instructional Technology degree for those special projects that need to completed at a low cost to the district.

  • Business Communication - Grant Writing, Policy and Procedure Documents, Business Reports, Case Studies, Technical Writing, Newsletters
  • Strategic Writing – Announcements and Press Releases, Pitches, Radio News Releases, Fact Sheets, Annual Reports, Speeches
  • Web Writing and Social Media – Blogs, Podcast Scripts
  • Print Advertisements – Print Advertisements, Event Planning, Web Advertisements, Brochures, Fundraising Letters
  • Training – Web Based Training (Moodle Project Management), Curriculum Development and Instructional Design for students and staff, E-Learning, Needs Assessment and Evaluation.  Technology training on whiteboards, computers, iPads, etc.
  • School Improvement -  Employee Renewal Seminars, Goal Setting and Strategic Planning, Organizational Culture Assessment,Team Building, Professional Development Seminars
  • Coaching – Conflict Resolution, Teacher Best Practices
  • Differentiated Instruction - Creating individualized lesson plans and units for all levels of achievement
  • Curriculum and Goal Writing to National Standards