I analyze, design and deliver performance-based Learning solutions to help my clients answer yes to the following questions.​​


Is your organisation the market leader in your business field? 

Are you innovating more quickly than your competitors?

Is your level of customer service exemplary?

Are you financially ahead of comparable organizations?


I have worked with a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail. Although my clients have ranged in size to large corporations, my niche is helping small and medium sized clients discover  ...

Multi-Sided Solutions for all your Needs

The goal of Polygon Performance Consulting is to provide effective performanced-based learning  solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

I design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

Check out some custom solutions and services. 


"Poppy was involved in the design and development of four mini web courses in the Sales Consultant curriculum. She brings creativity, professionalism, tech savvyness, and on-time delivery to the table, not to mention a “can-do” attitude which is like a breath of fresh air.”

Laura Rutkowski

Senior Instructional Designer

Chrysler, LLC