Polygon Performance Design Model



Polygon Performance solutions focus on clients' most critical issues and opportunities, filling in learning gaps in order to improve performance.

Your people are your greatest asset and are the key to retaining your advantage.  If not yet, you need to examine how your people perform.

Are they contributing fully to delivering your vision?

Do they live your values?

Are their goals well formed and action orientated?

Can they grow and change faster than change in your environment?

There is a learning solution to get you there!




• Web-Based training
• Blended Learning
• Curriculum Development and  Design
• Distance Learning
• E-Learning
• Performance Improvement
• Conflict Resolution
• Marketing Materials
• Brochures and Flyers
• Press Releases
• Procedure Documentation
• Technical Writing
• Project Management
• Needs Assessment
• Training

Newsletter Production
Animated PowerPoints

"After using the eLearning services at Polygon Performance, my staff is now motivated to use the learning tools that were once scoffed at and ignored.  This has decreased the learning curve and saved thousands of dollars in training costs."

Stuart Shulman, Medical Devices Incorporated